Immune Support.

Our Products

  • Elderberry Zinc Lozenges

  • Immune Support – Glass Bottle

  • Immune Support Supplement-Vertical Sprayer

  • Silver Lozenges – Manuka Honey

    $15.99 or $13.59 / month
  • Silver Lozenges with Vitamin C

    $15.99 or $13.59 / month
  • Immune Support

    $22.99$85.99 or from $19.54$73.09 / month
  • Extra Strength Supplement

    $32.99$74.99 or from $28.04$63.74 / month
  • Pet Vet Immune Support

    $52.99 or $45.04 / month

Immune Support

No matter the season, maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the most important jobs for your body. Silver Biotics' Immune Support products are designed to help you maintain a healthy immune system all year round. If you are looking for a way to boost your immune system, try Biohacking with Silver Biotics™.

Real Science Matters™

Silver has been used for centuries as a medicinal agent. It is only now, however, that we are able to harness its true potential. Silver Biotics' products are formulated with SilverSol Technology® to give you the most efficient silver possible.

Biohack your Immune Health

We've hacked Silver's potential, and now it's time for you to unlock yours. Biohacking is all about taking charge of your health and using the latest science and technology to optimize your body's performance. Use Silver Biotics® Immune Support to Biohack your way to optimal health.

How does it work?

Silver Biotics’ uses SilverSol Technology to create a Silver Solution that is more efficient and easily absorbed by the body. SilverSol Technology works by using multiple modes of action to keep your cells healthy. It is made with nano silver particles that have a positive ionic charge that are ready to support immune function within the body.

The bottom line: Silver Biotics can help you maintain a strong immune system by boosting your body's natural defenses. Biohack with Silver Biotics™ today to keep your Immune System strong.