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See for yourself the Silver Biotics difference.

Safe & Effective

SilverSol® wasn’t just an idea that became an invention; it was our passion to improve on the demonstrated benefits of silver. We believe that Real Science Matters™, we have spent millions of dollars and over two decades researching and engineering our products. 

Our SilverSol was sent to 3rd party labs to make sure it was safe and efficient for you, and your family. We are always investing in new research to test the boundaries of what our nano-silver can accomplish, and we are using that data in our R&D processes to develop innovative and life changing products for you. 

We encourage you to explore the possible ways to biohack your health with our products. We are dedicated to providing the best quality products that can help you take your health into your own hands.

Wound Dressing Reports

Arm And Hand Wound Case Study
FDA Protocol Usb C Anti Pres. Test
Armorgel Comparison
Head Wound Case Study

Immune Support Safety Data

BYU glass VS Plastic Report
Pubmed INVIVO Study Nanaparticles
Pubmed Platelet Assessment
Covington Safety Letter
In vivo human time-exposure study of orally dosed commercial
silver nanoparticles
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