Immune Support Supplement-Vertical Sprayer

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Elevate your immunity game with our new Vertical Sprayer. The same 10ppm Immune Support formula you know and love.

Silver Biotics® Immune Support Supplement is the perfect daily defense boost for your immune system. Explore more ways to biohack your health with the vertical sprayer.

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Traceable Ingredients
Third Party Tested
No Artificial Flavors

Safe & Efficient

  • Designed to help support the immune system
  • Safe for children
  • Natural
  • Powerful 10 PPM nano silver solution
  • Made with SilverSol Technology®
  • No artificial ingredients, dyes or flavors
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • Gluten free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Probiotic friendly
  • Scientifically tested
  • Used and recommended by Doctors

Daily Suggested Use

Daily suggested use:

  • Adults – 10 sprays (1 ml) up to 3 times daily.
  • Children – 5 sprays daily.

Independent studies have shown SilverSol Technology to be up to 10x more effective than products containing up to 3,000ppm silver.

Amount per Serving: Purified Silver 50 mcg*

*Daily Value Not Established

Other ingredients: Deionized Water. Contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives

The Transcendental Power Of Colloidal Silver

Our Silver Technology has taken older technologies of colloidal Silver to enhance it to be the best it can be. Take your life to higher levels and transcend with Silver Biotics Immune Support.

Silver Biotics Immune Support provides daily support for your immune system to perform optimally no matter where life takes you. It is a powerful yet gentle supplement that can be added to any diet and lifestyle plan.

SilverSol Technology works by using multiple modes of action to keep your cells healthy. It is made with nano silver particles that have a positive ionic charge that are ready to support immune function within the body.

Add Silver Biotics Immune Support to your life and incorporate it with any daily regimine.

Experience a healthy boost in vitality and well-being with this mindfully-enhanced supplement that helps you reach new heights. Transform your life today and enjoy the power of Silver Biotics Immune Support.

Experience a healthy boost in vitality and well-being with this mindfully-enhanced supplement that helps you reach new heights. Transform your life today and enjoy the power of Silver Biotics Immune Support.

Frequently Asked Questions


One main concern that individuals may have with silver products is a rare skin condition known as argyria, otherwise known as the blue man syndrome. Put simply, argyria is a result of there being so much chemical or ionic silver in the body at one time that the body cannot dispose of it fast enough through its normal excretion systems. To get rid of this excess silver, the body walls it off in the cells. This causes a grayish blue discoloration. Although this condition is medically benign and cosmetic only, in most cases the discoloration is permanent.

Understanding the obvious fears individuals may have with acquiring argyria, let us settle your concerns with simple, clear and proven facts.

To start, we’ll begin with research gathered from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to the EPA (who is in charge of defining safe levels of any mineral in water which is used for ingestion, drinking, or disinfecting), the oral consumption of the equivalence of 1oz of 10ppm of silver in water on a daily basis poses no significant degree of risk. According to historical information published on silver, unless an individual were consistently consuming (every day for over a year) over 50 times the recommended daily dosage of a 10-30 ppm product, there would be no possibility of that individual contracting argyria. On the contrary, those people who consume hundreds or even thousands of times the recommended daily dosages do run a risk of developing this condition over time.

A peer-reviewed report from Pennsylvania State University was released after years of studying a number of colloidal silver and silver aquasol or nano products purchased from the U.S. market. The paper was authored by Professor Rustum Roy, along with seven other professors and scientists from leading universities. In the report cited below, on the subject of ionic vs. metallic silver for human use, Dr. Roy states (page 2, fourth paragraph): “In spite of this enormous range of data, it is extraordinary that no major effort has been made to confirm and expand on the role of metallic silver in human health—especially in light of its huge advantage in lack of side effects”. (Ingestion of excessive amounts of ionic (soluble) silver, not metallic solid particles is reported to have resulted in a very rare condition labeled argyria, an (irreversible?) darkening of the skin. No one has died of this condition. The safety of metallic SilverSols® is firmly established by the data cited above).


Short answer: No

Explanation: SilverSol Technology® has undergone more than 30 safety studies including the first human ingestion safety studies done on a nano-silver.  These safety studies have shown that the metallic nano-silver particles in SilverSol are all flushed out of the body within approximately 24 hours.  No build-up or retention of the SilverSol particles can occur in the body which means you have no risk of argyria from SilverSol.


Ionic Silver is one of the most common forms of silver liquid found in the supplement industry today. Many are made by diluting chemical forms of silver, like silver nitrate, to a desired parts per million (ppm), which is then bottled and sold to the public.

Although ionic silver products have the smallest particle size (which they usually tout), they are often the least stable and can easily fall out of solution.

Additionally, ionic forms of silver only have one mode of action. Once each silver ion steals its missing electron, it becomes neutral and is no longer useful in the body.

​Lastly, ionic forms of silver can bind up in the body. Over extended periods of time this build up could cause a skin condition known as Argyria, otherwise known as the blue man’s syndrome.


Mild silver proteins are simply another form of ionic silver. However, because ionic forms of silver are not generally stable, they are sometimes bound to a protein in order to help keep them in suspension.

However, as a result of this binding with protein, the silver ion is less functional and useful than traditional ionic silver ions. Consequently, higher levels of silver (ppm) are needed to obtain the desired effect.


It is common to measure silver concentration using parts per million (ppm), which basically means so many parts of silver per million parts of water (or whatever liquid is being used).


Most silver products on the market range in the 10 to 500 ppm silver concentrations with some even as high as 5,000 ppm. Our products on the other hand, range from 10 to 35 ppm. It is easy to think that a higher concentrated product (100 ppm vs 10 ppm) is better because you’re getting 10 times the amount of silver than you would with the lower concentrated product. With our Metallic Nano-silver Particle, our SilverSol technology has multiple modes of action without getting used up. Because of this, you need less nano-silver particles to accomplish the same thing as you would with other ionic or colloidal silver particles (this results in much less silver ingested comparatively). Each SilverSol nano particle can steal multiple electrons. Independent studies have shown it to be up to 10x more powerful than other silver products.

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