Wound Care

Our Products

  • Armor Gel™

    $13.99$35.99 or from $11.89$30.59 / month
  • Pet Vet Antibacterial First Aid Gel

    $17.99 or $15.29 / month

Protect Yourself

Discover why Real Science Matters™ with our Wound Care products that can give you the best protection for your skin. Armor Gel™ uses the strength of patented nano silver, it won’t stain, stick, sting or burn – so no need to chase the kids down to apply it. Armor Gel™ also provides a protective layer; giving you peace of mind, knowing you’ve given your family great protection.

Smarter Wound Care

An essential component to healing a wound is by maintaining proper moisture to the skin-- which is exactly why our water-based gel is so effective. Apply Armor Gel as needed for best results.