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We believe a life well lived is a life lived in balance. To help our bodies maintain balance, Silver Biotics’ has worked diligently to develop an integrated series of safe and efficient daily-use products to aid in total body wellness

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Why Silver Biotics®?

How does Silver Biotics® biohack the immune system?

We have taken the old technology of colloidal silver and improved it to create the next generation of silver products. SilverSol® was created to improve on current formulas to make them safer and more effective. Through a new manufacturing technology, patented under multiple patents, and patents pending, our advanced nano- silver solution has become the new standard by which all other silver products are measured. We call this new generation of colloidal silver, SilverSol.

Your Beauty, in your Hands

Better science and real results. Improve your skin’s vibrancy and health by harnessing the power of The Silver Secret™

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Immune System Health, with Nature & Science

We've hacked Silver's potential, and now it's time for you to unlock yours. Use Silver Biotics® Immune Support to Biohack your way to optimal health.

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Better Oral Health Starts with Silver Biotics®

We’re here to help you on your journey to a balanced body. Achieve healthier teeth and gums with up to 12 hours of protection by using Silver Biotics® Toothpaste and Tooth Gel.

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Protect Yourself with Wound Care

Discover how our Wound Dressing Gel can give you the best protection for your skin and wounds.

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Our Mission

Promote active and balanced living through education, science and the power of nature.

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It's the time of year to boost your drinks with all the best immune supporting herbs and ingredients!

Try adding some or all of these ingredients to your water for a supportive immune boosting tonic.

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What is MetaMedicine, and how can we use it to take our health to the next level?

MetaMedicine Definition: a methodology based on Integrative Medicine and Prevention and is practiced by all types of health professionals interested in a precise and effective Body-Mind-Social analysis and approach towards most effectively supporting individuals working to find emotional and physical healing.

Looking forward to our very own Kelli Gray to discuss this at the @howdoyouhealth panel next week!

Happy Thanksgiving, if you’re observing this year!

We hope you’re enjoying time with loved ones. We are so grateful for our community here at Silver Biotics! 🫶💙

Wishing you joy & gratitude on this day.

We’re thrilled to be attending @howdoyouhealth 2022 Festival next week. Excited to learn, grow & PLAY!

See you next week, Austin!

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