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Transcending your physical, energetic, and emotional limitations by providing integrative pathways to bring balance to your health and well-being.

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Your Beauty, in your Hands

Better science and real results. Improve your skin’s vibrancy and health by harnessing the power of The Silver Secret™

Advanced Nano Silver

Immune System Health, with Nature & Science

We’ve hacked Silver’s potential, and now it’s time for you to unlock yours. Use Silver Biotics® Immune Support to Biohack your way to optimal health.

Best Sellers

  • Silver Wound Healing Gel

    $17.99$38.99 or subscribe and save 15%
  • Immune Support – Glass Bottle

    $53.99 or subscribe and save 15%
  • Immune Support Supplement-Vertical Sprayer

    $12.99 or subscribe and save 15%

Better Oral Health Starts with Silver Biotics®

We’re here to help you on your journey to a balanced body. Achieve healthier teeth and gums with up to 12 hours of protection by using Silver Biotics® Toothpaste and Tooth Gel.

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Protect Yourself with Wound Care

Discover how our Wound Dressing Gel can give you the best protection for your skin and wounds.

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Our chosen indulgence: immune support on the go, self-massage with our lavender cream, and getting more sleep 😴 💤

What’s your chosen self-care for the Holidays? We’d love to hear! ✨

Keeping your microbiome healthy is important, especially in the colder months!

Having a holistic approach to your health when it comes to food & products, can go along way in promoting a diverse microbiome.

Helping support your microbiome, helps support you.

Spreading Holiday cheer from us to you ✨🫶

Use code CYBER for a free facial serum and give the gift of wellness to yourself or a loved one this Holiday Season.

It’s Black Friday! We have the perfect stocking stuffers + free gift for you!

Here are some possible purchases to unlock a FREE facial serum ($50 value), from us to you! 🫶🤍

🥼Vertical Sprayer + 1.5 oz Silver Gel
🧖‍♀️2 Healing skin creams
🫐 Elderberry + Manuka Honey Lozenges
🦷1 Toothpaste + 1 toothgel

The gift of wellness is always a good gift to give. ✨

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