Our goal is to Do Well, by Doing Good.

As a family owned company, our core values still guide us in making decisions. Our family believes in the importance of caring for others; which is why we ship our products all over the world to those that cannot afford medical care – people who really need help. We know our products can make a difference in the lives of those who don’t have access to quality and high tech medical treatment. We believe it is our responsibility to provide people with products that make their bodies stronger and healthier, especially when the need is critical.

“I wanted to thank you for your donation of the Silver Gel to the orphanage in Haiti. There are 70 children there. The Silver Gel was a blessing to them and their health” – Dr. Dennis Woggon

“Your donation made an incredible impact on many individuals and families who would not have otherwise received relief.” – Bry Shultz, International Aide

It’s as simple as humans taking care of fellow humans.

Know that when you purchase our products, you are supporting your fellow humans in need. All of us, together, doing our part to make the world a better place – one village, city and country at a time.

From 2014 – 2021 Silver Biotics has donated $3,971,142.90 in products to help people in 56 countries all over the world, from Albania to Zambia.

Some of our largest product shipments went to:

  • Haiti – $570,000
  • Honduras – $93,000
  • Liberia – $387,000
  • Nicaragua – $399,000
  • Puerto Rico – $78,000
  • Romania – $486,000
  • Sierra Leone – $166,000


MAP International provides medicines and health supplies to those in need around the world so they might experience life to the fullest. In times of disaster, MAP International provides immediate humanitarian assistance and relief aid including medicines and health supplies to people left homeless and without access to basic services. From the earliest days of a response, MAP focuses on helping communities restore critical services and work with partners to help them rebuild health systems.

Since 2014, Silver Biotics® has donated more than $2.4 million dollars in products to the MAP International organization to help thousands around the world live a stronger, healthier life.