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We all know the power of a good night’s rest. Those mornings when you wake up on top of the world because you slept soundly and got all the rest your body needed? The best feeling, and mornings set the tone for your day.

Whether you can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep, or both, we’re going to dive into the tips that are going to encourage a true night’s sleep that sets your body up for success for regenerating all night long. In this blog post, we’re going beyond surface level approaches such as taking melatonin. While a lot of methods out there offer a lot of helpful tools, it’s important to get to the root of the issue. 

Sleeping issues often point to underlying problems, such as hormonal imbalances, or, the most common, stress. 

A lot of the time, sleep is a stress issue. Taking care of those pesky thoughts before bed can go a long way. Whether it’s venting to a friend, or writing it down on paper, letting out the worries in a healthy way can really help to put your mind at ease and unwind. 

If something is bothering you all night, make it a priority to write it down, and take care of it the next day. Get rid of the clutter taking up your mind. To-do lists, calendars, or other accountability practices are all ways to declutter your brain and get it down, so you don’t have to cling to it in your mind. 

Sometimes you DO have to take a look at the little things. Have you washed your sheets recently? Is your room a clean, safe place for you? Do you set the tone before bed? 

Literal sleep hygiene is also an important part, we are looking at this holistically after all!

Our next tip is one that many people sleep on, but actually makes a huge difference: Waking up at the same time every day. This helps get your circadian rhythm in order, and will train your body to get sleepy at the same time every night! We know those days sleeping in are sometimes very needed, and always listen to your body, but consistency really is key here. 

Next, tools go a long way! Sipping on tea, and natural alternatives that can induce sleepiness can go a long way, especially if you’re addressing the restlessness at all angles! Try adding in chamomile tea, lavender, lemon balm or other methods that can promote relaxation in a healthy way. 


Want to make the most of your deep sleep and help your body regenerate on a cellular level while you sleep? Try taking 1 teaspoon of our immune support to support your body’s regeneration all night long. 

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