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  1. I’m interested in the research that shows the effectiveness of ASAP 10 Silver Solution in regards to SARS. Additionally, It has been reported as an
    effective treatment for MERSA. The Attorney General of New York has filed a restraining order (March 9, 2020) against the Jim Baker show to stop advertising ASAP 10 Solution as a possible treatment/prevention of Coronavirus. We use Silver Sol Lozenges and have found them very helpful in
    relief /prevention of common colds.

  2. The silver has been around for centuries
    An example of how well this works: I had a friend with a Noro-virus and an antibiotic resistant bacterial infection. no antibiotic would touch! She took 2 tsp of silver 4 times a day and within one week she was free of both the noro virus and the antibiotic resistant bacterial infection!

  3. I am allergic to ALL antibiotics. SilverBiotics is all I use any time I need an antibiotic.
    I had gallbladder surgery in August and I had nothing but SB before the surgery and after for a few days. I do increase the dosages and have more per day than recommended. I was fine.
    I have Mitral Valve Prolapse bad enough that my Cardiologist recommends antibiotics before and after any dental or medical procedures that could produce a nick or cut that might allow bacteria into my blood stream and make its way to my heart. I only use SB.
    Two years ago, I had a bad case of the flu. I was using SB, got better, but had a horrible relapse. SB got me through it fairly quickly after I found out I had to greatly increase the dosage for an illness or condition other than just boosting the immune system.
    Last year I got a tick and after it was removed, I started getting the bullseye rash. It eventually grew to about 5 or 6 inches round. I put the SB gel on the bite as soon as we got the tick off and continued using it and SilverBiotics liquid until all traces were gone. I did not get sick and to my knowledge I didn’t contract Lyme.
    Our friends’ dog also got a tick same time I did. They didn’t find it in time and she contracted Lyme and was very, very sick. I sent them a bottle of SB. They started her on it and she started to get better. But they wouldn’t buy more SB like I told them they would need to do, so she got sick again and had to spend a few days at the Vet’s on antibiotic IV.
    I am so thankful for this product. It has helped me through a lot of things. I just mentioned a few.
    I’m sure it could help with what you asked about.



  5. Our Pomeranian got a bacterial infection in his foot by another dog biting him.
    After all the visits to the vet $550 no help.
    I put the little guys foot in a 8 oz glass about an inch of the silver for about 7 minutes only two times.
    Back to the vet. Another $150. Oh, the bacteria infection is gone.
    Wouldn’t you know. It works.
    No more vets and no more doctor’s.

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