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Before we squash a few myths, let’s start with clarifying what colloidal silver is. It is a broad term, but to simplify- it is a solution that can contain various concentrations of ionic silver compounds, silver colloids, or silver compounds bound to proteins in water. The use of Silver has a long history and has been used by many ancient civilizations to maintain health and preserve food and beverages. Before the mainstream discovery and acceptance of antibiotics in the early 1900s, Silver was used in hospitals and is still used today to aid in healing.

Beneficial Bacteria

Some think because silver is known to kill bacteria that it will remove all bacteria in your body. Thankfully, this is not true. Our nano-silver is a miracle particle that not only promotes a strong immune system– but also promotes a healthy gut and doesn’t render healthy probiotic bacteria. While it’s true that silver can kill harmful bacteria, it does not kill beneficial bacteria in your gut or deplete your bodies natural defense. With this information, you can take our colloidal silver worry-free while enjoying it’s benefits!

Making Claims

One of the biggest misconceptions about colloidal silver is that  “disease claims” can be used – meaning that silver can be used to treat or cure certain diseases or conditions. Unfortunately this isn’t true; according to FDA regulations, dietary supplements cannot make claims regarding diagnosis or treatment of diseases or medical conditions. This is the reason why we love biohacking! We always encourage our community to do their own research and try for yourself how silver can make a difference in your health.

Technology matters!

Contrary to popular belief, the technology used to produce silver is so important! Silver Biotics has taken the older technologies of silver colloids and improved it to create the next generation of silver. This next generation technology allows us to produce high quality products while ensuring they are safe and efficient for our customers. Learn more about our silver technology here:


Now that we’ve busted a few myths, what will you do to explore your health options of silver? With the knowledge of our high quality colloidal silver, you can feel more confident when selecting which product best suits your needs and lifestyle. Transform your life today and enjoy the power of Silver Biotics.

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